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In Krasnoyarsk region the helicopter with chief GUFSIN onboard

in a press has under abnormal condition sat down Today - to service GUFSIN (Central administrative board of federal service of execution of punishments) have confirmed: the day before a crash landing helicopter MI - 8 (has made board number RA - 06158) on which chief GUFSIN Vladimir Shaeshnikov and its colleagues flied: the deputy chief organizational - analytical management of edge GUFSIN the captain of internal service Vasily Tjubaev and the senior engineer of department of wood industry GUFSIN of edge the captain of internal service Alexander Maslov. All of them came back from official journey to wood correctional facilities, the helicopter the settlement Chunojary (Boguchansky area) - Krasnoyarsk flied on a route. All happens in in 20. 45 local time: on a board the prevention of butter pressure drop in the main reducer has lighted up.

- The decision to crash-land Was accepted, - has told the head a press - services GUFSIN across Krasnoyarsk region Ekaterina Brotsman. - the Crew has made it there where the dispatcher has resolved: around village Plahino of Abansky area. Anybody from crewmen, or passengers has not suffered. The helicopter too is perfectly in order.

why the board has lighted up, and a leah was a malfunction - the commission of Krasnoyarsk multi-region territorial administration of air transport now finds out.

Vladimir Shaeshnikov and its colleagues these minutes congratulate women with March, 8th on solemn assembly in Krasnoyarsk, in administrative building GUFSIN.

Thank God that all has managed, and the crew has accepted the right decision not to continue flight. And though to refuse moving by helicopters to such services as GUFSIN, it it is impossible (territory of Krasnoyarsk region very big, in many places territory not passed for cars), observance of security measures is necessary.

Krasnoyarsk region, alas, has endured in due time tragedy when by the helicopter have broken in Ergakah governor Alexander Lebed, officials and journalists.