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During week-end in Volgograd it will be cloudy

Be reserved by the umbrellas, expensive women. Only they will help to save a faultless vesper make-up in the street. Within the next few days weather forecasters promise a sleet and a rain. If to believe a site gismeteo. ru , days off will be cloudy.


Saturday, on March, 6th                                             - 5 . - 2, cloudy, snow.

Sunday, on March, 7th                                   0 . +1, cloudy, a rain.

Monday, on March, 8th                               - 4 . - 3, cloudy, snow.

Tuesday, on March, 9th                                                 - 6 . - 4, cloudy, a light snow.

Wednesday, on March, 10th                                                     - 7 . - 3, it is cloudy.


Such dank weather always affects on health. Pressure differences influence hypertensive persons. Doctors are assured that if to observe simple rules headaches and pressure can be avoided.

- do not abuse alcohol. Also do not overeat: heavy and hot dishes replace with salads, fruit and vegetables. Walk in the street less. Also have a rest, because feasts and emotions too tyre, - Lyudmila Gizatulina managing infarktnym the centre of cardiological branch of hospital of first aid of Volgograd speaks .

Good feasts!