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Ekaterinburzhenka, rushed under a train in the underground, settles scores with life not for the first time

- In July of last year the woman wanted to finish itself, having drunk a heavy dose of tablets, - tells a press - the secretary of the Sverdlovsk Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Valery Gorelyh. - after that it has lain month in resuscitation. Now it costs on dispansernom the account. The question why the woman has decided to die, remains opened. It has three children and the husband.

Meanwhile, the machinist who conducted the day before in the morning a train, comes to the senses till now after the happened.

- Yesterday it have released home that he has had a rest and has calmed down, - has told the director of the Ekaterinburg underground Ivan Titus. - in the following change he will come to work. Now it is already perfectly in order.

we Will note, in the history of existence of the Ekaterinburg underground it already the second case of a suicide. The first has ended with tragedy. It is literally one month ago under a train the pensioner from Asbestos has rushed. The man did not manage then to be rescued (See the Suicide in the underground took with itself sberknizhku ).   to Tatyana has carried more. It has dragged under two cars, but it remained is live. Fortunately, it has not touched a contact rail. Suffered itself named to physicians the name then has fainted. It have brought to 23 hospital (See In the Ekaterinburg underground under a train the woman " has got;).

- We cannot trace those who comes into the underground to commit suicide, - Titov speaks. - if the person has decided to die, it all the same will find a way.

According to employees of the underground, from such accidents will not save even special protections. Besides on innovations in the Ekaterinburg underground millions roubles are necessary.