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The American police investigated Vani Skorobogatov`s death with infringements

Representatives Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have expressed indignation concerning that the USA breaks bilateral agreements during investigation of death of the seven-year Vani Skorobogatov adopted in the Chelyabinsk area.

we Will remind, the American couple Krejverov accuse of murder of the kid, on its body have found 80 grazes.

According to diplomats, about death of Vani it became known just now when investigation is finished also business it is passed in court though the child was lost half a year back.

According to the Russian side, Americans should inform on this case at once. Now our diplomats intend to be present at each judicial session on business Krejverov. The first hearing is appointed to March, 31st.

Besides, the Russian side will watch destiny Dashi Skorobogatovoj which Krejvery took in a family together with the brother. The girl now is under the care of American sotssluzhb.

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