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Oleg Nilov nastavivaet on that children could go for a drive free of charge

In a press - the centre   there has passed conference   Analysis of flights: who should leave a management of sports? . Participants discussed the reasons of a failure of ours   participants of the Olympic Games   in Vancouver.

Oleg Nilov, the president of Federation of figure skating of St.-Petersburg:

- Children should have possibility to go in for sports free of charge. In the Taurian garden Gazprom postoril a good skating rink. But here only it is possible to go for a drive there only for money. Is   at Gazprom the bright advertising slogan: Dreams come true . Only here   whose dreams come true? Businessmen? It is necessary, that at least fifty on fifty they came true.  

the Deputy Petersburg ZakSa Oleg Nilov is assured that Russian man`s single figure skating on - former the strongest in the world. And that Evgenie Pljushchenko has taken only the second place on   to the Olympic Games in   Vancouver, only judicial cunnings.

- to Evgenie imputed that it has less made everyones krasivostej between difficult elements, than it was done by the American   Lajsachek, - Nilov speaks. - but when the sportsman comes on a fourfold jump, it ispytchyvaet huge overloads. Pljushchenko it was similar to the climber submitting transcendental heights, and Lajsachek only collected florets on a meadow.

Besides, judges why - that did not consider stability in Evgenie`s performances throughout a season, and after all for stability earlier always added points. On a broader scale, new rules have been entered to depreciate specially driving of Pljushchenko. I assure you that if, for example, Artem Borodulin of the future   Will start to do all these of a prettiness, and Americans suddenly will learn to jump fourfold corrected there and then will turn so that again to explain to us why we have lost, - Nilov was indignant.

the Word to sport committee

Vadim Moiseyev, the vice-president of Committee on physical training and sports of the Government of St.-Petersburg:

- I do not consider performance of the Petersburg sportsmen in Vancouver as a failure. We have made everything that is possible. A leah will send the decision on that in Vyacheslav Chazova`s resignation to accept the governor. It is necessary Vyacheslav Chazova`s conversation with Valentina Matvienko - the chairman   sport committee of Petersburg during this conversation, by the way, will voice specific proposals how to make so that our sportsmen in Sochi have acted better, than now.

To that Russia and Petersburg in particular have acted more poorly, than in previous years there are many reasons. The epoch of the Soviet sports has ended - on old yeast already will make nothing. From sports societies of Soviet period - such as the Dynamo SKA, Spartak - there were only ruins, and instead of anything are not present.

Lyzhno - the biathlon complex SKA in Toksovo on - former belongs to the Ministry of Defence and abides in a deplorable state. The city wanted it to take on the balance, but military men have flatly refused.

the Federation of figure skating of Petersburg has normally fulfilled. It has made everything that could for preparation of sportsmen. Another matter that the Federation of figure skating of Russia could help more.

Construction of skating stadium - a priority problem on the nearest chetyrehletie. Our skaters are worthy it. And besides the Regional centre of preparation of sportsmen, scientific base and the qualified doctors is necessary to the Petersburg sports.

1994 Lillehammer - 25 participants: 5 gold, 4 silver, one bronze medal (only 10 medals).

1998 Naganos - 15 participants: 3 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze (only 8 medals).

2002 Solt - Lejk - City - 17 participants: 2 gold, 1 silver (3 medals).

2006 Turin - 15 participants: 5 gold, 2 bronze (only 7 medals).

2010 Vancouver - 10 participants: 1 silver medal.