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The novel of Vilfand: « we do not expect Strong snowfalls »

the First spring days have presented to Muscovites warm enough weather, and together with it and all problems of thawing of snow. But the spring just goes, and the winter is not going to surrender. About weather within the next few days on air of radio (97,2 FM) the director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand has told:

the Novel of Vilfand: on March, 8th there will be a frost

- Already this   will become cold in Moscow   at night; region - from 8 to 10 degrees of a frost   we predict also in the afternoon from 0 to a minus of 2 degrees. At this   in places will fall weak   a snowball. Strong snowfalls we do not expect during the nearest six days. On March, 7th at night without any precipitations, temperature approximately same - the minus 7 - 9, in the north of area will essentially become cold - to a minus 16. In the afternoon on March, 7th we predict a snowball and temperature from 3 to 5 frosts, that is a cold snap. On March, 8th night temperatures 10 - 12, on area (in the north, the east) to 18 degrees of a frost, in the afternoon 5 - 7 frosts.

About such   the mode is expected and 9 - go, hardly will become warmer 10 - go. Night temperatures 6 - 11 degrees, in the afternoon from 0 to a minus 5. And only 11 - 12 - go day   temperatures will be in a range   from a minus 2 to plus of 2 degrees, that is about a zero mark.