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Nizhegorodtsu foreign resorts became more expensive than the father native

the Debt of the child to the parent made 200 thousand roubles. The son occupied this money from the father on receipt. When the payment moment has come, the young man has refused to repay a debt, motivating the actions by the offence caused by the father of mother.

- It was found out that, being in marriage, the spouse has issued on itself all property available for a family, and after divorce has left the wife and two sons with what, - have told - NN in a press - service UFSSP across the Nizhniy Novgorod region. - from the arrived answers of registering bodies the court enforcement officer knew that the citizen the debtor works in the organisation belonging to its father-in-law, no settlement accounts in banks has, and the property and the car which it uses, are registered on the civil wife.

the police officer has checked up firm accounts department, and it has appeared that the firm is registered to the address of inhabited apartment of the father-in-law. The debtor is dismissed Backdating and to collect from it a debt it is not obviously possible. From personal contact with the given citizen it was found out that it has no problems with the finance, and, besides, has constantly a rest abroad.

to affect the debtor, the court enforcement officer has taken out the decision about restriction of the right of departure for limits of the Russian Federation.
the citizen, having realised that solar beaches of abroad in that case can dream it only, within several days the debt to the father has completely extinguished.