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The father has killed a dog and the spaniel a family of Sysoljatinyh cut on pieces in the face of the child

the Puppy of breed has got in March, 2009 for 2,5 thousand roubles. In due course Dzhessi - so it named - has grown and became a high-grade member of a family. That tragical night Alexey Sysoljatin has come home in an alcohol intoxication. Two minor children already slept at this time. Having noticed on a floor in a hall the dog excrements, the man has decided to understand with the pupil. In a hall where there was a senior from children, the villain has some times struck a dog a knife then has pulled out it on a ladder platform. There has finished a spaniel, having cut it a throat.

the Knife the criminal cut a dog on some parts and, having spread out on packages, has thrown out in a refuse chute. Having learnt about happened, wife Sysoljatina who at the moment of a crime was not at home, has written the application in militia.

31 - summer unemployed Alexey Sysosljatin is recognised by guilty   on p.1 item 245 criminal codes of Russian Federation (cruel treatment of animals in the presence of juvenile). The court has appointed to it punishment in the form of corrective works for a period of six months with deduction of 10 percent of earnings in the state income.