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For a campaign in shop of the inhabitant of Kazan can plant for two years

the Suspicious man one of these days have detained okranniki one of hypermarkets of Kazan. 15 - the summer young man at first long walked on trading floors, then took firm packages, has imposed in them expensive sweets and cigarettes, and has indifferently tried to carry by the goods through cash desk.   where has been detained.  

In a room for examination where it was taken away by police officers and protection the young man has laid out at once the stolen. In total - for the sum of 2 thousand roubles. The pilferer has explained the act to that has simply forgotten houses money. The detained young man has explained the an act very simply: has gone to shop to buy products, but money with itself did not take. Thus, the campaign in shop has turned back for twenty five years` citizens of Kazan   criminal case excitation under item 158 of the criminal code of Russian Federation. Now it is threatened with imprisonment within two years.

As it has appeared, in the given supermarket it any more the first similar case. Some stolen goods hide under a jacket, and others - easy put in packages, thinking that it will be possible to pass numerous videocameras and protection. In all cases malefactors have been detained and will be responsible for the acts.