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Half juzhnouraltsev - are healthy

Almost 111 thousand juzhnouraltsev have passed in last year prophylactic medical examination. More than half from them (54,4 %) are healthy or them have carried to 1 group of health. It means that there is a risk of development of diseases but if for health to undertake - that it is possible to avoid troubles.

As the second group of health have ranked the remained half - 44 % from passed physical examination. These people need to be surveyed in polyclinics to specify the diagnosis.  

And only 2 % passed physical examination need hospitalisation.

this year during prophylactic medical examination physicians have revealed more than 28 thousand cases of diseases which their owners did not guess. Last year every fifth had a high cholesterol that speaks about metabolism infringements in an organism. At 20 % examined have found an arterial hypertension which is risk factor of development warmly - vascular diseases - the most widespread reason of death rate among the population.

we Will remind that those were involved in prophylactic medical examination of this year juzhnouraltsy who did not take place it last three years. In total from the beginning of realisation of the national project Health such physical examinations have passed more than 440 thousand working inhabitants of the Chelyabinsk area.