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In the Chrysostom schoolboys rush under trams to frighten drivers

Drivers zlatoustovskih trams local schoolboys terrorise. Swells lay down in front of the car on rails. The driver beats on brakes and catches at heart. And hooligans run up who where.

is proceeds weeks two, - speak in tram management, - we can not catch these jokers in any way, already and the militia in neighbouring schools sent inquiry. But uselessly. The conductor on a place to catch them are not in time, and to arrival of protection and for a long time anybody is not present.

the Sketch Anna Karenina`s Happy rescue - not a unique trick in an arsenal of jokers. Still they like to spread on rails of a stick and stones in hope that the tram will descend from ways. Or cling to the car and go behind it on a board or a mattress found on a dump. Such hare the driver of a tram simply does not see, and the child can be lost.

While all managed safely, but all city remembers history when the boy has got under wheels. Then the conductor has expelled the stowaway schoolboy, but it has grasped a ledge on a car tail. On turn the fellow was not kept, has fallen and has pleased under a tram. It has lain in a clod year and has died, without regaining consciousness.