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« to the Deceived shareholders » Novosibirsk and area state support

In the Novosibirsk region will be rendered the state support will be rendered the people who have suffered from actions of unfair builders. Such decision was sounded by Governor Victor Tolokonsky.  

- I have signed the decision on rendering of gratuitous state support to citizens, so-called to the deceived shareholders - head of area has told.  

As gives department of the information of administration of the Novosibirsk region, support will be received by those who has put up money in habitation building, but the house nedostroen on independent from   people to the reasons. In a case if tenants have generated fellowship or ZHSK with a view of end of building of the house, they can receive irrevocable state support at a rate of 200 thousand roubles.    

is there will be a grant for payment of the additional expenses necessary for end of building of apartment houses, -   Victor Tolokonsky has explained.  

Also, according to the governor, the right to help reception will be received only by those who is recognised by needing improvement of living conditions and having the income on one member of a family of less double size of the living wage established in territory of the Novosibirsk region at the moment of the reference.  

the Inquiry

the Grant is given to the citizen at observance of following conditions:

1)   presence of the contract concluded by the citizen about participation in apartment house building on which infringement by the builder of the obligation about term of commissioning of an apartment house exceeds two years;

2)   execution by the citizen in full duties on payment of the price of the contract, confirmed with corresponding payment documents or a judgement;

3)   presence of the property right to a share in object of not complete building;

4)   membership of the citizen in fellowship of proprietors of habitation (further - TSZH) or in housing - building co-operative society (further - ZHSK), created with a view of end of building of an apartment house;

5)   if the citizen, members of his family did not improve earlier the living conditions by means of budgetary funds (except for means of the parent (family) capital);

6)   presence of the operating building licence of the apartment house given out and (or) prolonged in an order, established by the town-planning legislation.