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The mayor of Kirzhach and it zama want to institute criminal proceedings

Strange frauds (and can, random errors?) The Office of Public Prosecutor of Kirzhachsky area in work of the local mayoralty has found out. City roads on which repair money has been provided, this repair and have not waited. Thus money has been spent.

C, under the version of Office of Public Prosecutor,   it is that. In May goradministratsija has held competition on jamochnyj repair of 25 streets. With the winner - certain Open Company the Master - mayor Victor Korochkin has concluded the contract. The quantity of streets in the document why - that has been reduced to 10. Thus its sum has not changed.

kontrolno - auditing inspection of administration of Vladimir region Korochkin is administratively fined by the Decision on 21 thousand roubles.

Besides, during check similar infringements in actions of the assistant to the mayor concerning Alexander Petrushina`s life-support are revealed.

In June of last year Petrushinym with the head of same Open Company the Master The municipal contract on major repairs ulichno - a high system of Kirzhach (19 300 square metres) has been signed. However 14 objects from 16 have been repaired. On Petrushina the administrative penalty at a rate of 30 thousand roubles is imposed.

check materials are directed by the Public prosecutor of Kirzhachsky area to investigatory body for the decision of a question on criminal prosecution of the mayor and its assistant.