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The brother of the arrested person vitse - the mayor of Novosibirsk is put on the wanted list

Yury Solodkin who is the brother vitse - the mayor of Novosibirsk Alexander Solodkina,   it is declared in federal search on the same criminal case as the suspect.

we Will remind that except brothers, on criminal case there passes also their father - Alexander Solodkin - the senior.

Yury Solodkina Evgenie Fuks`s Lawyer has explained that before its principal passed   on criminal case as the witness.   he has declared that   to it the reasons of absence of Solodkina   are not known; to the inspector, no less than its present site. The lawyer has reminded that during preliminary investigation   Yury Solodkin was called to the inspector as the witness, however at the given stage of preliminary investigation its status could and change.

In   investigatory department SKP of the Russian Federation on SFO do not make comments on the information on change of the status of Yury Solodkina.

we Will remind that Alexander Solodkin and his father - the chief executive of fund of development of physical culture and sports of the Novosibirsk region Alexander Solodkin - the senior have been detained on February, 16th within the limits of criminal case investigation about murders and others heavy and especially the grave crimes made in Novosibirsk and the Novosibirsk region in 1997 - 2004. Later both have been arrested on a judgement and placed in a pre-trial detention centre.

Vitse - the mayor of Novosibirsk accuse on p.1 item 210 (creation of criminal community), on item 33, item 111 (instigation to deliberate causing of heavy harm to health) and on ch. 3 items 33, ch. 2 items 167 (participation in deliberate damage of another`s property by an arson) the criminal code of Russian Federation. His father is accused on ch. 2 items 210 (participation in criminal community) and on item 33, item 105 (instigation to murder) the criminal code of Russian Federation, inform Interfax .