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In Foothill area the guy tried to rape and kill the girl

... * has come to the senses only in the street. It lay in a dirt to nobody necessary and nobody noticed. In blood. With the last bit of strength the girl has risen and has run away from the house, where veins its beloved.

18 - summer Irina has got acquainted With Igorem* about three months ago. Met, but as - that is not especially serious. When Igor in March has invited Irina home, has agreed. It has appeared that at the guy just where - that there has left mum - possibility to stay together, to talk. But Igor has been adjusted more resolutely and conversations interested it at all. At first he has simply suggested Irina to pass to new level of relations. Then began to demand. The guy did not begin to listen to refusal. For bolshej weightinesses of the arguments has armed with a knife. Beat accurately. Has ceased, only when Irina has calmed down. The girl tried not to breathe, in hope that   the tyrant will simply leave. And then also has at all fainted from a pain. Has come to the senses in the street (the young man has taken out the girl from the house and has thrown in a court yard). Irina ran away with one thought - to escape. It is said that local residents have come across the blood-stained frightened girl. They have rendered it first aid and have brought to hospital. Igor have detained, but the fault he does not recognise.

- by Preliminary investigation it is established that... The young man has armed with a knife and has struck to the girl plural blows in area of the person, a trunk and extremities. It has not finished a crime as the girl feigned the death, - has confirmed the assistant administrator of Foothill interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SKP the Russian Federation across Stavropol Territory Irina Scherbinin. - criminal case is raised on ch. 3 items 30, the item and ch. 3 items 131, ch. 3 items 30, p.1 item 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (attempt at rape and attempt at murder). Now the suspect is in custody. The consequence spends the investigatory actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of the committed crime. Criminal case investigation proceeds.

* are changed in the interests of the investigation - a bus