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In Bashkiria 2 - the summer boy was lost in wood and has died

On Saturday, on April, 17th, the two-year boy was gone in village Bajnazarovo of Burzjansky area of Bashkiria. After a dinner small Ruslan has gone with other boys to play in a court yard while mum was cleaned in the house. Someone has suggested to go to wood behind birch sap. The child, naturally, has agreed.

already around the half fifth evening mother has decided to call the kid in the house, but in a court yard with other children of Ruslana was not. Boys have told that Ruslan was late in wood a little and they have gone to village without it.

25 - summer mum has independently gone on searches of the child. When its works have not crowned by success, she was converted into militia. On alarm all staff of department of internal affairs and the Ministry of Emergency Measures have been lifted. Local residents to the aid have come. Nearby 70 persons combed wood all night long, but the child and have not found out.

On Sunday morning, the divisional has asked senior pupils to help with searches of the kid. Schoolboys have found out the stood child. As admit law enforcement bodies, the boy has been easily enough dressed: a jacket, zhiletochka with an almuce, rubber boots on bosoju a foot, trousers jeans.

the Basic version of the investigation, the boy has lost the way. According to mother, the boy was afraid of the dark, and, most likely, when has darkened it has simply stopped. Small Ruslan has not reached the house of all kilometre.

- On the given fact check is spent dosledstvennaja, - has informed the senior inspector of Beloretsky interdistrict investigatory department SKP on republic Bashkortostan Ajdar Ishnijazov . - For a legal estimation in area OVD materials on inadequate execution of parental duties will be sent actions of mother of the lost kid.