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Minchanin stole mirrors with Mercedes also sold them on 20 dollars

on April, 19th law enforcement bodies have detained 22 - summer minchanina which tried to sell to the secondhand dealer kradennye automirrors. Further the goods planned to forward for territory of the Russian Federation.

  - participation of the arrested person in fulfilment of 19 thefts in Partizansk and 6 - in Pervomaisk area now is established. 49 lenses of rear-view mirrors are withdrawn from the malefactor from cars of stamp Mercedes, - have told BelTA in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.

market cost of mirrors makes 200 - 300 dollars. The arrested person tried to sell them on 20 dollars for the complete set. Now the suspect is in a temporary detention facility. It is known that the arrested person was already involved in a criminal liability.

at present concerning it criminal cases on ch are raised. 2 items 205 UK of Belarus. But during the investigation, judging by quantity of perfect crimes, most likely business will be united in one - the theft made in the large size (ch. 3 items 205 of the Criminal code), for what are provided punishment in the form of imprisonment within 7 years.