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To Novosibirsk veterans will repair habitation

About 500 participants of the Great Patriotic War from means of the budget of Novosibirsk have received the address social help on habitation repair. 300 apartments are already repaired. By the end of April the city authorities plan to put in order and other square metres of front-line soldiers. Besides, at the desire of veterans, repair of 90 apartments is transferred for later term.

- the Municipality of Novosibirsk has incurred the additional obligations connected with repair of habitation of lonely and alone living participants and disabled veterans - those people which not in a status to make this work independently, - informs a press - the centre of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk. - social workers have thus considered wishes of veterans: to someone face lifting, to someone - replacement of windows or the sanitary equipment was required. Therefore the size of the address help was a miscellaneous - from 5 thousand to 100 thousand Roubles when in the private house of the elderly person have completely replaced a proceeding roof. The average size of the social help has made 25 thousand roubles.

According to the head of department of social support of the population of the mayoralty of Tamara Koldinoj, a measure of social support of participants of war in a year of commemorating 65 - letija Victories in the Great Patriotic War are strengthened. If in 2009 on rendering of various kinds of the help of this category of citizens from the budget of Novosibirsk it has been directed 9 million roubles, in 2010 - 13 million roubles.

Besides, in Novosibirsk lives about 30 thousand workers of back - those who worked in days of war in our city. This category of veterans of war also will receive the address social help. Tamara Koldina has noticed that for today inspection of conditions of residing of all workers of back is finished, the analysis of questionnaires in which requests and wishes tylovikov are specified is now carried out.