Rus News Journal

From Petersburg got stuck passengers take out to Europe by trains, by buses and ferries


-   two planes to Hurgada and Tel - Abib Today have taken off, - has informed a press - the secretary of the airport of Pulkovo Olga Antipova . - the message with Kiev Is renewed. Flights across Russia are carried out in a regular mode. We hope that we can soon send and accept planes from Tallinn and Vienna. All other flights are cancelled. The airports of Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, France, Czechia, Sweden and of some other European countries on - former are closed.


Having left attempts to reach to Old Cβεςΰ planes, people have rushed on railway stations. Railwaymen have reacted to increase in demand and began to cling to structures additional cars.

- one hook-on car to a train to Berlin following through Warsaw, and one to Prague - to a train going through Brest Is added. The additional car goes and on a route St.-Petersburg - Helsinki in firm structure “ Repin “ - have told to us in a press - service of the October railway .

On Vitebsk station to cash desk “ Intourist “ still during week-end there was a huge turn. But   today there there was all a person five - six. Trains to Berlin and Warsaw leave from this station on Wednesdays and Fridays.

- the Basic flow of passengers slept, - the manager of ticket offices of Vitebsk station Elena Tchertkov speaks . - All who wanted to leave, have left.

However as it was found out, tickets can be got not on all directions.

- To Berlin tickets have bought up on two weeks forward, - Elena Bondarenko has explained the cashier. - We try to send passengers through other cities. For example, it is possible to reach Germany through Minsk or Moscow. To Warsaw, Riga it is possible to leave freely.


In the majority of the bus companies on everyone “ western “ a direction have started up on additional flight.

- People should stand up for tickets in turns, - have told to us in one firm. - but to Germany, Latvia, Poland it is possible to leave. It is necessary to start up additional buses. The price we do not plan to lift.


- Demand for ferries to Germany, Finland, Sweden has sharply increased, - have explained in cash desk of booking of tickets of one of the ferry companies. - tickets on sale any more does not remain.