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In Petersburg will construct new intercepting parkings

Committee on transport declared competition on designing and building of the intercepting parkings, called to facilitate life to motorists. A leah there will be they claimed, the correspondent understood.

What for to turn off?

Now in Petersburg operates such six parking. They are located at metro stations Volkovsky Alexander Nevsky`s Area Parnassus the Education Prospectus Academic and Ladoga .

it would Seem, conveniently. Has reached to the underground by the car, has left it about station and has gone down in an underground. And in the centre of cars   it is less and in stoppers you do not stand. In practice all are more problematic. To arrange a parking about the underground insufficiently, it is necessary also to think over, a leah will be convenient it to townspeople.

the Most simple example - metro station Ladoga . The crossroads about it is always hammered by cars. There and to leave the car, but, it appears, it not so is simple.

- that on Ladoga there is an intercepting parking - certainly, plus, - the motorist Elena Vasileva speaks . - But when it you reach after a half-hour stopper on Kosygina - Zanevsky, and ahead free road on parking it would not be desirable to turn at all. Especially, no recognition symbols are present. Therefore the majority of drivers also prefer not to use a parking, and to go further to the centre - someone does not know about it, and it is not so necessary for someone.

And here on Sinop quay motorists are dissatisfied with new parking already for other reason. It was initially supposed that it will be to intercept cars on the way to station Alexander Nevsky`s Area . In practice it was found out - to stamp to an underground of minutes fifteen fast pace. Therefore here, as well as at the Ladoga station, stops not so many cars whereas other parkings really located at the underground, are popular.

Trade or a parking?

that the problem of distances is, in the department which is responsible for city parking, do not deny. But thus also do not promise it to solve. Because it - not in their forces.

- Intercepting parkings on which is located less than fifty cars, are not effective, to build them there is no sense, - has told the deputy director the Center of parking places and garages Johnny Sukhanov . -   it is better, that there it was possible to put an order of two hundred cars. However such big free territories at a city are not present. And we would not spend what analysis, it as a result will not have any relation to that will turn out. Because from this that offers us KUGI we take sites, though as - that nearby to underground. For example, the new parking on distance of eight hundred metres from the underground " is under construction; Leninsky prospect . As a matter of fact is one stop by the bus, that is it is not too close. At the same time absolutely near to station there is a deadlock street on which bus transport now stops. But there all territory is occupied by the trading pavilions which lease contract we cannot interrupt. And so everywhere: either trade or green plantings.

  And where still

Besides Lenin the metro station " will get a new parking also; Obuhovo . To leave cars Gribakinyh, to the east of the station will be necessary in the street. Here parking, really, will be located in immediate proximity from the underground. But will reach it on stoppers to motorists not so conveniently, they will prefer to go round a problem place the party.

competition and on building nearby " Is declared; Pioneer and Kupchino . The first will settle down, according to competition, jugo - to the west of the house 5 under the prospectus of Verifiers, and the second jugo - to the east of crossing of the Vitebsk prospectus and Star street.

  it is competent:

Alexander KARPENKO, the economist:

- Parkings in our city superfluous will be never, let even they settle down and not absolutely near to the underground. Advantage all - taki from them will be more than possible inconveniences for citizens. The person will stay in a stopper less, will not be late for work, will not waste time, money, nerves. Probably, it is necessary to think over any variant of the free bus which will ply between parking and the underground, it is necessary in case to go, we will tell more steams of hundreds metres. It will be easier, than to break off contracts on earth rent, and especially, more usefully, than to roll up in asphalt into lawns.