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Racers of Vladivostok declared season opening

This event racers of Primorski Krai waited for a long time and have waited - taki. Drags rejsing club   has officially declared opening of a new season and already with might and main accepts application forms for participation.

the First race will take place in 10 days - in the night from 24 - go on 25 - e April. Starts will begin exactly at midnight.

- the New sports season will bring some surprises for drags - rejserov Primorski Krai, - tells a press - the secretary of club Olga Strogonova , -   In - the first, regulations of competitions and technical requirements to the cars participating in races have changed.

Certainly, technical requirements have changed nekardinalno, however now they completely correspond to requirements of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF).

But the Regulations of the Championship of Vladivostok have undergone essential changes. If earlier the car class was defined, proceeding from engine volume in this season division of cars into classes will be carried out after qualifying arrivals on pure time of passage of a line:

the Full name

Effective volume of the engine

the Class

Street easy

(Street Light)

13 - 12 seconds


Street fast

(Fast Street)

12 - 11 seconds


Street unlimited

(Unlimited Street)

11 - 10 seconds




From 10 seconds and more low



Passed qualification from   13 sek and above


Similar classification is most approached to universal standards, as   excludes possibility of incorrect struggle with the assistance of cars with the same volume of the engine, but its different tuning.        

it is necessary to notice that the fifth class exists only since last season. Have created it specially for beginners.

- Any interested person, having an automobile helmet and the serviceable car, can take part in competitions, - Olga Strogonova tells, - this class in last season became the most numerous, after all it have filled illegal   night racers, so-called strit - rejsery.

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