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Ashes of the Icelandic volcano do not threaten Novosibirsk

Today a cloud of the Icelandic volcano already have crossed Yenisei and continue to extend on the east. According to Federal it is information - the analytical centre of Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service the southern border of a volcanic cloud will be displaced to 60 degrees of northern width. However, as has informed a press - the secretary of airline Kras Abijah Natalia Doroshenko, all flights from Krasnoyarsk are carried out under the schedule.

- At a cloud two directions: southern, and east, through Barents sea. Today the cloud has passed for Yenisei. However, novosibirtsam there is nothing to be afraid -   to the south 60 - j widths on the south of Western Siberia it will not fall, and a cloud so neskontsetrirovanno that does not represent any danger, - has commented Lyudmila Voronina, the chief Western - Siberian Gidrometeotsentra.

we Will remind that eruption of the Icelandic volcano located in 200 kilometres from Reykjavic, has begun on April, 14th, 2010. The volcano has thrown out a huge cloud of ashes that has led to closing of air space over many countries of Europe in atmosphere.