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Change of head TJUZa was affected by Lija Ahedzhakova and Oleg Basilashvili

past Friday the Ministry of culture of the Nizhniy Novgorod region has solved, as it seems to them, the old conflict in Nizhniy Novgorod TJUZe: officials have changed places of directors TJUZa of Maxim Krohina and Alexander Garjanova`s puppet theatre. For collectives of both theatres it became a bolt from the blue.

shortly before castling in Bottom the commission of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has welcomed. And hardly earlier theatrical figures of Russia - Inna Churikova, Alisa Friendlich, Oleg Basilashvili, Lija Ahedzhakova and others - have written the letter to the minister of culture Alexander Avdeev in support of the main director Nizhniy Novgorod TJUZa Vladimir Zolotarja. As it is known, one year ago it had a confronting with the art director of theatre Victor Simakinym.

- the Management sabotages work of the main director, cancels rehearsals, illegally dismisses actors, that is ruins truly creative life at theatre, - was told in the letter.

apparently, intervention of known actors also became the reason of purpose of the new director in a Theatre for Young People.
- Alexander Garjanov - the judicious, tactful person. I hope, it will not accept the nobody`s point of view, - the main director Vladimir Zolotar considers.

- It is necessary to wait a little, - Victor Simakin admitted hudruk TJUZa. - While about changes to speak early. Any purposes and changes in repertoire can follow only in a new season.

however actors (we will remind, they arranged indicative hunger-strike last year) have already unsubscribed in the blogs, the general sense of messages - our war yet has not ended ...