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The inhabitant of Bashkiria has received seven years from - for bent for to moonshine

the Inhabitant of Uchalinsky area helped on an economy to the distant relative, heated a bath, chopped firewood. The grateful mistress has paid back the assistant with a vodka bottle. Having drunk fairly earned alcohol the man has left home. But bottles it has appeared a little, and money at it was not. Knowing that is simple so the relative will not give money to it, the man has dared at a robbery. It has armed with a knife and kastetom, and what making related it has not learnt, has made a mask of a cap with cuts for eyes.

the former assistant has broken a window in the house, has got into it and has attacked the woman, demanding money. Having been frightened, it has given it 200 roubles. But attacking has not stopped, and began to be the woman kastetom on the person and to swing before it a knife. As a result of its victim has found in the house three more thousand and has given to the predator. The man has escaped by same means what it has got, having jumped out in a window. Happy with the extraction The predator has bought a bottle of moonshine and has gone to mark successful business. But on its trace conducting from the broken window, it was found by police officers.

- the Court has appointed to the man punishment in the form of seven years and six months of imprisonment, but guilty has disagreed with a sentence and tried to cancel it. Republic Office of Public Prosecutor has proved legality of a sentence and it all the same has come into force, - employees of Office of Public Prosecutor of Bashkortostan inform.