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To Kazan have brought Gagarin`s Cup

the Trophy on - to the present precious. Transport it in a special case and only from the security. Such honours not sprosta: fifteen best jewellers of Moscow worked on a cup. Its price are afraid to say aloud, but a present obviously not from the cheap. The trophy is made of silver 925 - j tests with gilding. Around it is decorated by small washers, on one of them, central which always is evident the inscription, saying that " is engraved; Ak the Leopard is the first and while to unique owners of a cup. The prize to the best team plej - off weighs 19 kgs, and by experience of last season citizens of Kazan were already convinced that the trophy contains in itself of 12 litres of champagne. To the name there corresponds also registration: on one of the parties the image of first cosmonaut Yury Gagarin and a flying comet is gracefully executed. Usually, it put faced to spectators on a match. And on the other hand the hockey player torn to collars is engraved.

the Trophy contains in itself of 12 litres sparkling
the Photo: Ruslan ISHMUHAMETOV


- Here what beauty we defend, - someone from journalists when Gagarin`s Cup established on a bench between two commands has noticed.

Many hurried again will touch a trophy, there and then noticing - on fart . And to be photographed refused nobody. Only here awesome protection severely warned, that all did faster and more accurately. After approximately floor of hour of strangers have asked to leave. A cup have closed for glass dvermi.

the Trophy is made of silver 925 - j tests with gilding
the Photo: Ruslan ISHMUHAMETOV