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As we will note on May, 9th: the full program of a feast

For the first time this year on commemorating 65 - letija Victories of 70 veterans by an amicable column by a march will pass on the Soviet area. They will open parade with a fighting red banner in hands. And having made an honourable circle, will pass the Victory symbol to young generation - znamennomu to a platoon.

how will meet a feast in Yaroslavl, today, on April, 19th, spoke in the area Government at meeting on preparation for May, 9th.  

the parade Beginning - at ten o`clock on the Soviet area. Here three big tribunes will be established. One - in the middle, on 500 sedentary places. And two others - on each side. To the left of tribunes will grow a scene, and behind it - the wide screen on which there will be direct inclusions from Red Square in Moscow.

- Such translation at us too still never was, - the assistant to the governor of the region Sergey Berezkin has told. - On the air of the Yaroslavl veterans the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will congratulate on Great Victory. Inclusion will be at ten o`clock 28 minutes. Then the hymn which all of us we can execute will begin to sound.

And further the turn of the most entertainment part of parade will come. On a scene the combat material will leave. Unfortunately, rockets this time will not be. But there will be five armored troop-carrier and many other cars. Governor of the region Sergey Vahrukov will congratulate on a feast of veterans.

Then under orchestra sounds on the Soviet area cars DOSAAF will drive, will pass armies, cadets and sportsmen. In total 1200 persons will take part in parade nearby.

By the way, this year organizers of a feast have decided to limit an input on the area. On all perimetre with a view of security turnstiles will be established.

- it will be possible to Pass, of course. Here only the big bags and packages having a rest should be left outside of the area, - the deputy chief administratively - control management of the Government of area Igor Jamshchikov has noticed.

However, by experience I can tell what to come on the area better before. If to approach to the beginning of parade hardly there there will be an empty seat.

After an official part which will end at 12 o`clock, the concert will begin.   it will go in a mode on - line. Or, better to say, without a stop. All the day long up to 18 hours having a rest will entertain amateur collectives of Yaroslavl. Winners of competition " will sing; Victory Salute . However, festivals will be developed not only in the centre, but also in disctricts of the city.

And it is equal at 22 o`clock jaroslavtsev and city visitors are expected by celebratory salute. Yes not simply salute, and with a cannonade.

- From Moscow specially there will arrive gunners. On the Arrow they will conduct shooting from the present armours, - Igor Jamshchikov has told.

parade Rehearsals will begin already soon - since April, 23rd. And since April, 26th on the area installation of three-storied tribunes will already begin.