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Elena Presnyakov: Yury Malikov was for me simply the head, and now the most person expensive to me!

on radio waves (97, 2 FM) has shared the latest news about life of legendary director VIA Semi-precious stones Yury Malikova, the soloist of this ensemble Elena Presnyakov:

- I want to tell that such head as Yury Fedorovich Malikov, seems to me, in one ensemble was not. I mean such intelligent and such vseponimajushchego, all-knowing and expecting beforehand.

Elena Presnyakov: we have estimated the Most expensive person Yury Malikova in many years

we had tremendous relations. It to us even did remarks not by shouts, and will simply look at hours, a head will wave, type: it`s nothing be late? In general, just now it you estimate.

Always it seems, when were young that heads are it is not necessary, it is necessary. And here it has appeared that it was such simply remarkable person. I more can tell nothing. It turns out that we have left our previous director only from - that we were correct to Yury Fedorovichu.

When there was a question - to work on 30 - letii, and our former director has told: but at us concerts! Then I speak: you speak about what concert? We worked on Yury Fedorovicha`s material. We should be grateful. I am not going to betray people whom I love also which very much we we respect. Here and so.

the Most expensive little man now for us Malikov. Earlier there was simply expensive head, and now a most expensive person.