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Kirghizia: Participants of collisions in village the Mayovka consider that was killed more than two

Inhabitants of the Kirghiz village the Mayovka where on April, 19th there were next disorders, consider that killed was more than inform the authorities. According to official figures, during collisions of self-aggressors of the earths and inhabitants of village two persons were lost, 13 have got wounds of different weight.

- in the evening the big crowd has approached to village, about thousand persons, - has told the inhabitant of the Mayovka Oleg K.My on court yard have collected at the best the person three hundred. When fight with strangers has begun, it shouted to us that Russian and Kirghiz will not touch. Why - that have been angered on Turks. But all of us are neighbours, nobody has left.

self-aggressors have been armed by stones, the sticks, some a cold steel to what wounds delivered in hospitals bear. Some local residents have been urged to apply fowling pieces. Let`s remind that after disorders 7 - on April, 8th in Kirghizia of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has allowed to shoot on applying for a private property on defeat.

- the OMON has arrived already when has darkened, it became easier, - Oleg continues. Then the militia has begun sweep of streets. It is said that two persons were lost. I am assured that it is more. I the eyes saw, how our muzhiks of three have killed. There such distance was that hardly it was a question of simply wounds. Them then fast has taken away.

now the situation in village was normalised.

we will remind, today, on April, 19th,   in suburban village the Mayovka near the Kirghiz capital of Bishkek there have passed meetings of the self-aggressors demanding from the authorities to give by it the earth under building of houses. According to official figures, 2 persons were lost, 13 have got wounds.

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