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The volcano has ceased to be spitted by ashes and was accepted « to mould kulichiki »

the Principle of work of volcano which has already become famous for the whole world from Iceland Ejjafjatlajokudl has undergone changes.

Now the main enemy of the European airlines has started to to building a slag cone in this connection ashes are thrown out on smaller height. And all anything if such actions of Ejjafjatlajokudlja could not provoke the next volcano which between other is even more powerful than the neighbour. Threat of such succession of events is quite real, volcanist Nils Oskarsson from geophysical institute of University of Iceland

" has told; process of eruption has a little changed. The volcano has heated to itself road to a glacier (which covers volcano top) then formation of a slag volcanic cone in filled with ice kaldere " has begun; - the scientist has explained.

Oskarsson has not disregarded   Messages of meteorologists from Britain that volcano eruption has almost ended in this connection ashes are not thrown out on height,   exceeding 200 metres.

Uncertain time will be formed a slag cone, ashes by steam explosions will be thrown out on smaller height - he has told.

Thanks to eruption of Ejjafjatlajokudlja, volcanic processes can begin at its neighbour - a volcano of Katly.

During last eruptions in 19 - m and 17 - m centuries of eruption of Katly began after eruption of Ejjafjatlajokudl - they approximately in 100 times were more powerful - has explained Oskarsson.

Forecasts of the volcanist not the iridescent. However, they suit him:

Possible consequences of it? The destroyed roads and bridges, the termination of the international flights. It is good, I think. People travel too much - the scientist has told.

Vulkan Ejjafjatlajokudl   Now spits out   750 tons of a volcanic material every second, inform RIA News .