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Ashes from Iceland will reach and Khabarovsk

After almost two hundred year`s hibernation has woken up in Iceland (unique in Northern Europe to the volcanic country) the volcano with the name of Ejjafjatlajokutl difficult to pronounce that in transfer means Island of a mountain glacier .

the Column of volcanic ashes has risen above 17 kilometres, and scientists warn: even if eruption will stop within the next few days (last time it breathed two years!) The cloud of emissions can round not once globe.

This eruption is estimated in one - two points, it is not considered strong. On pictures from space it is visible, as the yellowish loop was stretched on thousand kilometres and has covered densely populated areas. The first England, then other Western Europe has taken up blow. Airlines have cancelled thousand flights and incur milliard losses (parts of a volcanic dust, getting to the engine, can put it out of action). 200 million dollars a day lose now air carriers in Europe.

last year on Kamchatka the volcano Sarychev`s Peak was thrown up, hardly there was an eruption Kljuchevsky earlier. However, as meteorologists, a situation on Kamchatka not such as today has developed in Iceland mark. In atmosphere exists western - east carrying over, therefore in the Far East the volcanic dust is displaced towards Pacific ocean. Well and in a case with the Icelandic volcano western - east carrying over also has provided pollution by sky ashes over Europe!

Today as have told in Dalgidromete, the cloud from the revived volcano broad band moves through Europe towards Russia.

- In our territory it shares as though on two a tail northern and southern. The first lasts to the north of Narjan - Mara, Dudinka and so on. Now there the maximum concentration of polluting substances (ashes) 0,1 milligrammes in cubic metre is marked. It is a little, as there is an intensive dispersion and while the loop will reach Chukotka, concentration becomes even less - 0,01, - head Dalgidrometa Aleksanr Gavrilov speaks. - And it in the centre, but a tail goes broad band (approximately 20 degrees on width).

On our territory extends also southern a tail : Goes on severo - the east of China, Korea, will mention the south of Khabarovsk territory, Primorski Krai. At ten o`clock mornings of Monday when the loop has taken place Tomsk, Novosibirsk, Kazakhstan, concentration of ashes did not exceed 0,01 mg.

on April, 22nd, under forecasts of the meteorologists, it will pass all over Khabarovsk - in an upper atmosphere, approximately from six to ten and a half kilometres. The concentration expected in our territory, will be insignificant, from 0,001 mg. On cubic metre. At such concentration the human eye will not fix any changes in atmosphere.

After break couple of days over edge will pass one more cloud, some days will last which. Experts hope: concentration of ashes will be insignificant.

By the way, the World Health Organization has acted with the prevention: if volcanic ashes mix up with deposits it is hazardous to health. In that case the dust can get to lungs. For us it not news.

- In our branch there are the patients, suffering affliction occupational disease pnevmokonioz, - 1 Ernest ShChennikov tells managing pulmonologicheskim branch of regional clinical hospital. Are consequences of influence of a dust, and first of all coal (it is frequent to us arrive miners from Chegdomyna). At them the combined defeats of lungs - the people this usually smoking more often are marked, and all together calls chronic obstructive illness of lungs.

the Deputy director of Institute of tectonics and geophysics DVO the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Bykov considers that real danger is not present today, but situation development depends on set of factors. Including from that, what is the time the Icelandic volcano will operate and with what intensity to be thrown up. Informs the Pacific Star