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In Khabarovsk the public reception of the president of the Russian Federation D.Medvedev is opened.

Valentina Petrovna Tsakunova, the ensign in the resignation, ministering when - that the chief of the confidential part, achieves twelve years apartment relying to it. There is a judgement, executive manufacture is raised, but the Ministry of Defence holds powerful defence against the woman. Also sends formal replies to the elderly person what to give apartment it is not obviously possible.

On visual communication with the plenipotentiary - chief KECH of Far East military district. Tells that in Volochaevsky small town which any more not closed, the house is under construction. Here, say, when we will hand over, then we will give apartment to civilian persons. Such foggy prospect resolutely does not suit the plenipotentiary. He has rigidly demanded within three days in writing to inform it when the apartment will be given Valentina Tsakunovoj. It seems that the woman should not war any more with there is no time the native ministry.

the Second visitor - mum of the future first-grader Natalia Bodjak. Natalia Aleksandrovna has asked the plenipotentiary to help to construct new school in village East. Present in which four hundred children study almost, is in an emergency status. From - that designs collapse, the sports hall, offices of labour training is closed, the sewer system is broken. At school in the winter cold. It one on five villages, and, unfortunately, does not contain all children. The part of schoolboys should be carried in Sergeevku, paternal children there study in three changes.

the Head of the Khabarovsk municipal area Vladimir Aleshko to whom, besides by means of visual communication, have asked to speak, has reminded that the question on building of new school rises since 1985. On - good, the building is time for disassembling and constructing new in other place. The area even has reserved design - the budget documentation, but business and has not moved off dead centre. The question price - 660 million roubles. Why so it is a lot of? - the plenipotentiary was surprised and has suggested the sum to specify. Very much it is expensive. Summing up discussion, Victor Ishayev has told that it is necessary to prepare the project, it is desirable till the end of the year, and to try to get the next year to one of federal programs. But the school should be constructed!

it is curious that all receptions of the president, and they open and in other subjects of Far East district, are equipped by visual communication with the Kremlin. And it means that Dmitry Medvedev any minute can press the button and in a mode on - line to look that occurs on reception in Khabarovsk or any other city of the country.

On a broader scale - that in a test mode reception is conducted from the beginning of year. As has told the head of a public reception Anna Vedenjapina, adoptive is a litmus piece of paper. Misfortunes and cares with which there are people, let possibility know temperature in a society, its painful points. For incomplete three months to the president 1,5 thousand persons were converted. It is time in three more than one year ago.

What problems have induced inhabitants of edge to search for truth at the president? Housing and municipal, discontent with work of local governments and the government, social security. Last one and a half month veterans of the Great Patriotic War, their children and grandsons who want to improve the living conditions have gone to a reception. Employees of the device of plenipotentiary representation analyze all references and send for acceptance of measures. As it is found out, to much have helped. Try to refuse here if the paper has come from a reception of the president.

And cases different. Someone is stirred with problems state, and someone - especially personal. The elderly person has complained that, having on hands a judgement, cannot receive from the grand daughter a debt. It has run into debt a great sum of money to the native grandfather. After intervention of one of departments of the device, attraction of Office of Public Prosecutor relatives within three days have returned to the grandfather of more one million roubles.

the reception on Tuesday and Thursday with 10 Works. 00 to 19. 00, in other days, except Sunday and Monday, - with 10. 00 to 13. 00. It is not necessary to register in advance. In a reception there is a telephone hotline 394 - 294. At o`clock and days of work of a reception on it employees of the device of plenipotentiary representation respond, and in non-working and holidays phone works round the clock in an answering machine mode. All statements are fulfilled then, as usual written references.

it is clear that in a public reception of the president or the chairman of the government which works more year, people go as to ultimate authority. With decisions of the courts which why - that are not executed, with bales of the official answers which are not leaving doubts that the person of the rights and its problem should solve. But the mechanism up to the end does not work, where - that zaedaet. And the person begins desperate searches of the one who will push him. It appears, make it frequently can only at the highest level.

it is unconditional, public receptions are an attempt of the power to hear signals from below to draw corresponding conclusions from above. This indispensable condition of development of a normal society where the people and the power want to hear each other. But it and certain ostrastka for officials. If the facts of frank red tape become property of publicity, someone can have troubles. The military chief who knows in district DV apartments, anyway, had rather pale kind.

the Representative under human rights in Khabarovsk territory Yury Berezutsky, and in this department too is a public reception, representing at session of committee of a regional thought theses of the annual report, has noticed that the quantity of visitors for a year has grown three times. But it at all does not mean what to live became worse or in edge there were problems which was not earlier. According to Yury Berezutsky, simply people began to defend the rights more actively and more competently. That is the favour from officials have ceased to wait.

to That acknowledgement - Yana Rudnevoj`s history which has received apartment only when has written the letter personally to V.Putin. One-room apartment to the orphan, and it on hands too had a judgement in its advantage, have by and by given. Employees of a reception of Putin have helped to approach house warming and the widow of the participant of the Great Patriotic War, to a Victory Day it will move to new apartment. Will look after mother of the daughter.

There are examples when people, having told the misfortune, got long-awaited wages and places in a hostel. The decision urgently to deliver in Aim Ajano - May area of half-ton of products was made, they in village have appeared on exod. The invalid from area has received a carriage, delivered it directly to an apartment door. On a global scale like anything especial, but in each specific case is the help which has come very much in time. And if at least sometimes the such happens, means, all is not vain. Are In a word, knocked, yes obrjashchete. Informs the Pacific Star