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In the night from 02 for January, 03rd, 2010 in village Ilyinka of the Khabarovsk area there was a fire in the private house.

time was later, some children already slept. In an extension to the house the fire has begun. As it was found out later during check, faulty electroconducting became fault to all. Evgenie Makarov was at this time in the street. Having seen in the house a blazing flame, it have rushed to the aid of the friends who were inside. As soon as he has flung the door open, it has there and then captured a flame, but, despite it, Eugene was torn to rescue friends. The girl who was in the house, has seen Evgenie captured by a flame, has not become puzzled, has thrown over it a blanket. Without thinking of a pain, Eugene has woken the companion. To the aid of friends Alexander Karavanov who has woken one more sleeping has appeared in time. Together with other children they have got out in a window.

Before arrival of firemen students tried to extinguish raged fire by own strength. Evgenie Makarov rescuing children, has received 70 % of burns. Two more children have got burns of 20 %, the girl who has rescued Evgenie, medical aid has been rendered on a place.

As confirms the statistican, 70 % of burns of a body lead to death. But Eugene very much wanted to live, and it has survived. The unlucky days - days of struggle for life have begun. Exactly 100 days Eugene has spent in reanimatsionnom branch. That his mother Galina Jakovlevna has worried together with the son, it is necessary to guess only. The young man has transferred set of operations. The management of Far East university of the means of communication which student is Evgenie, has organised gathering of donor blood. On blood transfusion point chains of the students were pulled, wishing to assist the companion. And here, at last, doctors have informed that Evgenie`s life out of danger.

last week Eugene have translated from reanimatsionnogo branches in chamber of the burn centre and have resolved appointments to it. On a visit to the young hero the rector of Far East university of means of communication Boris Dynkin, the pro-rector on educational work Grigoriev`s Hope, the director naturally - the scientific institute DVGUPS which student is Evgenie Makarov, Midhat Ahtjamov, the first deputy of the chief of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Khabarovsk territory on the state fire service Alexander Grebenjuk has come. Has come to the companion and Alexander Karavanov whom, as well as Eugene, helped to rescue from the burning house of children. Directly in chamber a university management     has handed over to children costly presents - laptops, and from Central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Khabarovsk territory the memorable sign has been handed over Eugene.

Evgenie keeps the good fellow. It is necessary to it still long course of treatment. But the young man is assured that will sustain all and again will return on a student`s bench, after all he studies at Far East university of means of communication on branch of fire security. And it means that a choice which it has made in life - correct. On a question a leah has decided not to study on this speciality? confidently and   with a smile responds: No. This choice realised, and I only has affirmed as it . On prikrovatnom a little table there is a photo, on which Eugene with the girlfriend Masha. All these days it was near to it, let not physically (in resuscitation did not start up), but morally. Its letters helped Eugene to believe that life is worthy of it, that for it to struggle.   now children can see and hang together.

the university Management has recommended Evgenie Makarova for a decoration.

We will watch over Eugene`s health and together with its family to rejoice to each victory over myself. Informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Khabarovsk territory