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More than 13 thousand off-road cars of Toyota and Lexuss will be withdrawn in the USA and Europe

Japanese autoconcern of Toyota Motor Corp. Declared on Monday a response in the USA and the countries of Europe more than 13 thousand sports off-road cars of Lexus GX460 from - for dangers of drift on turns at a great speed, has reported France Press.

According to the American department on transport, in the USA it will be withdrawn 6 thousand cars of Lexus GX460 which sales have begun with the end of December of last year. In Europe to a response are subject 7,5 thousand off-road cars of Toyota Land Cruiser 150 (Prado) and Lexus GX460.

All owners of these cars during odd-come-shortlies will receive personal notification messages - it is told in the statement of Japanese autoconcern.

Information on complaints from the European automobile owners or about any incidents with participation of these models of the Japanese stamp did not arrive.

past Tuesday the American magazine for consumers Consumer report has urged consumers to refrain from purchase of the car of Lexus GX460 as following the results of tests at turn at great speed it can bring aside and there is a risk that the car will turn over. After that Toyota has made decision to suspend manufacture of a sports off-road car of Lexus GX460 from April, 16 till April, 28th.

the Japanese concern taught by bitter experience of large-scale responses of the cars in the world in the beginning of this year when the company has been subject to the rigid criticism, including from the American congressmen, for overdue reaction and untimely measures, shows this time fast reaction. Toyota has already started own testing of Lexus GX460 for revealing of malfunctions, passes RIA Novosti news agency.