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The Icelandic volcano has cancelled tours « Ballet of Morisa Bezhara » in Petersburg

millions people have suffered From eruption of a volcano with the unpronounceable name of Ejjafjatlajokudl worldwide already. From - for the closed airports at someone the business trip, at others   has broken; vacation packages were gone, to someone not to come back home at all. There were victims even Petersburgers who anywhere and did not gather, except as in Mihajlovsky theatre or the Philharmonic society.

Tours Ballet of Morisa Bezhara should pass from April, 21 till April, 23rd.

- We some days tried to solve a problem how to bring troupe of ballet of Morisa Bezhara from Zurich to Petersburg, - have complained at Mihajlovsky theatre. - undertook attempts to reach Northern capital and collective. Actors very much did not want to upset the Petersburg admirers. But alas - any airline could not guarantee that under such circumstances the group in 65 persons will arrive in time.

It was necessary to transfer performances already for February of next year.

Now baletomanam it is necessary to break a head: a leah to return tickets (return can be made from April, 27th till May, 12th in cash desk of Mihajlovsky theatre), or to reserve.  

- the Tickets bought on this tour tour, will be valid for Baleta Bezhara future performances at Mihajlovsky theatre, - organizers have assured.

And here to admirers of Hungarian pianist Andrashi Shiffa in the Philharmonic society on April, 20th and Monteverdi - Chorus from Germany on April, 24th in the same place it is necessary to return tickets anyway. In connection with cancellation of flights from Europe performance will not take place.

Has carried only to admirers of the Lyons opera: its ballet troupe which will act on April, 22nd at festival Mariinsky made tours across Russia, and without problems has arrived to Petersburg.