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In Ladoga lake the unknown monster was got?

the roller has appeared in ZHZH and has there and then scattered on a network. Authors very strongly worry that for a beast appeared in lake. Has bitten the doggie. Pesik has solved a swimming season to open has got into water, here it and was overtaken by a strange small fish.

the Poor animal with squeal has run out on coast, and an hour later has suddenly died. Young men only had time to photograph on video of the offender. Shots not the most pleasant.

Users have in every possible way started to discuss news, say, how now to bathe in Ladoga? Someone has authoritatively declared, say, it shchiten. Biologists have confirmed this version.

- Well, everything, now only abroad it is possible to bathe, - townspeople have heavy summed up.

But experts have hastened to calm.

- In Ladoga lake shchitnej is not present and was not, - has explained the manager of laboratory of hydrobiology of Institute ozerovedenija the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgenie Kurashov. - They reside unless in time reservoirs of Leningrad region. Moreover, neither the dog, nor the person shchitnja cannot die of a sting.

It turns out that all is an unsuccessful joke - a horror story. So to Petersburgers it is not necessary to worry.

the Inquiry

Shchitni - this family of small fresh-water Crustacea. The name occurs from a guard which almost completely covers a back of an animal.