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In the centre of Ekaterinburg the many-storeyed house

back to an apartment house to Anton Valeka`s address has lighted up Hour, 12 three fire-engines have left. The nine-floor house which is near to theatrical institute, FSB management on Sverdlovsk area, shopping centre and small offices has lighted up. The fire has arisen in a room, and was threw on an apartment balcony later. By the time of   arrivals of firemen   two balconies and a room burnt already.

the Caustic smoke has pulled to the next houses. Inhabitants djavjatietazhki quickly evacuated from apartments. Fortunately, nobody has suffered. The fire managed to be localised in 17. 12. The Fire area, and also the reason of its occurrence now establish.

Video from a site www. e1. ru .
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