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On roads of Murmansk area temporary restrictions

on a site from 229 - go to 231 - go kilometre of a highway of Kola - Verhnetulomsky - a check point " will operate One of these days; Lotta the traffic - has been complicated from - for a high water has occurred razuplotnenie a ground of an earthen cloth.

According to experts of Murmanskavtodora, now this site is already put in order. But with a view of safety of the regional lines losing the bearing ability from - for flood waters, in April and May movement temporary restrictions will operate.
so from April, 30th till May, 29th on a road site between Kareliya and the Norwegian border (from 1071 - go to 1592 - go kilometre) and on an entrance to Murmansk (from   zero   to 15 - go kilometre) will limit movement for the cars, which actual weight on any axis more than 6 tons.

For today, according to the engineer of the industrial department Murmurmanskavtodora, all roads of area work in a regular mode.

the Detail information can be received by phone of dispatching service ( 8152) 214 - 070 , or on a site of Murmanskavtodora http:// www. madroad. ru/