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Ilya Stogovu is threatened till two years for the broken mirror

on First of April with Ilya Stogov together with the pregnant wife have got to a bad story. On parking place at one of supermarkets they nearly have not pleased under car wheels.

the Foreign car is dashing handed over back, trying to make any maneuver. The driving woman not especially watched where goes, and it got the bumper tochnehonko to a stomach to the pregnant wife of the writer.

- This citizen really nearly has not brought down my wife, - has told revolted Stacks. - I to it began to drum in back glass, and it, without stopping, have put out a head from the car and have declared: You that do not see, I here go!

When the car has stopped, between Stogovym and the citizen Pavlovsk, driving, quarrel has inflamed. The writer has voiced everything that he thinks of it, and has thus managed to do without a floor-mat. Then it from all to scope has kicked on the right mirror of the car and has broken it. On a scene there has arrived militia which has issued the given state of emergency.

Like not the most serious incident understand in which both parties independently could. However after law enforcement bodies have interfered, on Stogova criminal case has been got. And under serious article: deliberate damage of another`s property to the large sizes . According to the criminal code, punishment for it - imprisonment for a period of two years is maximum.

- the Militia always works for us equally. She simply is not able to work differently, - the writer speaks. - it is ground under that on any person who gets to its field of vision, to open case under as much as possible heavy article. And only it is then found out that business - that not such heavy.

By a recognition of Stogova, militiamen simply want to receive from it money, on what like time and again would hint. However to anybody to give on a paw he does not intend. From it already took a subscription about nevyezde which has crossed out the planned trip to Africa. In general, continuous inconveniences.

Besides, at night it is called home by investigators who behave extremely impudently.

- On Saturday of hours per eleven evenings I am called by the woman - the investigator from Frunze RUVD, - tells Stacks. - I ask: and that, other time was not, at me after all two children and the pregnant wife . The woman has responded To it: I will call, in how much it is convenient me, and you give, recognise the fault . Thus they intimidate me. Probably they consider that I should be frightened simply to the described trousers then I will be ready on all. They name the sum, and I it will tell thanks I will fall to knees   And to a kiss it of a hand.

According to Stogova, this history has only one possible ending. They Pavlovsk, eventually, nevertheless will reconcile with the citizen, but only in a court hall. However, when the court will take place while it is not known, as till now there are investigatory actions.

And here in law enforcement bodies comments have refused.

- As now there is an investigation, anything   we will not make comments, - have declared in department of inquiry Frunze RUVD.


Ilya Stogov, the writer:

- I consider that our city belongs to pedestrians. There can be I not the rights, but if everyone who has a claim to drivers whom of 60 km/ ch, to people who do not pass pedestrians on transitions, to those who, having scratched another   through court yard go with a speed; the car, hours waits for the insurance commissioner, having partitioned off all around movement. If everyone has arrived as I and would break off a mirror to the offender life in our city would be better. The motorist should respond money that it does. Nakosorezil - itself pay for the mirror: if you are not able to use it - it is not necessary for you.