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Two schoolgirls were gone in Volgograd - neigbours

Spring - time of changes, especially   their young creations which this season dements literally want. In the spring as militiamen mark, teenagers and young men will more often run from the house in search of adventures and independent life.

Still yesterday militiamen searched all the day for the sixth-grader from Krasnooktjabrsky area of Volgograd which has not returned in the evening home. The girl has stayed out late late and, having been frightened of anger of parents, together with the girl-friend walked in park.

militiamen with simplification as two more schoolgirls today were gone had not time to sigh. On this   time on Tractor. 11 - the summer schoolgirl and it 16 - the summer neigbour have left in school in the morning, however at lessons and have not appeared. They were not in the evening and home.

- next morning both mothers have written the application in militia, - the inspector Traktorozavodsky WITH Kamal Gichiev of SOU SKP across the Volgograd region has told . - Now they are put on the wanted list. There is an assumption that they have decided to shirk employment and have gone to friends. Earlier one of them already left the house.