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The inhabitant of Volgograd has snatched on the spouse - the teacher with a knife, having been jealous of her of pupils

state of emergency has occurred   in Pallasovsky area of the Volgograd region. The man was jealous of the spouse of pupils and to teach the woman has decided to intimidate it by means of a knife.

the Dissonance in a family of Bakievyh has happened in the end of the last year. On December, 30th in regional school passed New Year`s evening. After the solemn program Irina remained with the graduation class in a disco: has decided to look after pupils that have not done nonsenses. It also became an occasion to scandal with the spouse. The man has declared that the teacher cherezchur gives a lot of attention to teenagers: a pier, it is too suspicious that pupils and are twisted round class rukovoditelnitsy.  

Home the offended husband was long after midnight when Irina has already returned from a feast. Judging by a smell, sincere wounds healed alcohol. Therefore to listen to claims of spouse Irina has refused. Has asked to transfer unpleasant conversation for the morning.

- According to the man, it became last drop which has overflowed its patience. Has angered it that on pupils the woman time finds, and   to it cannot give some minutes.   the jealousy has pushed to take in hands a knife. In plans was to intimidate only Irina, but has not counted up. Having given up as a bad job, razbujanivshijsja the owner has hooked on the wife an edge on a neck. Fortunately, the woman managed to escape, - has told Roman Soshkin, the inspector WITH on Pallasovsky area of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Volgograd region.

Fast the suffered neighbours have called. They have seen, how suffered has run out from the house and have rushed to the aid.

Having recovered, Irina has got over from the spouse on demountable apartment. But quiet life and has not waited. The husband continually visited the woman: asked to come back home, it promised to be corrected. When it became clear that a family not to restore, has decided to intimidate the rebellious spouse. While the woman there was no house, has rushed into its apartment and has made a fire.

Than operation on rescue of family happiness could end it is not known: Irina has decided not to wait a following attack and has written the application. On the man have filed criminal charges under articles: Attempt at murder and Deliberate damage of another`s property . Business in the nearest future will be considered in court. To the criminal threatens till 10 years of imprisonment.

  the Name and a surname suffered are changed at the desire of a consequence.