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Sudogda: the point in business about bicycle and scooter collision

Inhabitant Sudogdy Valentine Demensky is put is recognised by guilty of the infringement of the Traffic regulations which have entailed on imprudence death of the person.

road accident has occurred on July, 2nd last year in the street Chapaeva in Sudogde. 55 - the summer Valentina Demensky going on a bicycle, began to turn on the left without warning signal giving and has not made way for a counter vehicle - to the scooter . The scooter operated 32 - summer Paul Turkin. From collision it has fallen to the asphalted road and was traumatised, from which next day has died in Sudogodsky TSRB.

Inspectors notice that Demensky earlier operated the car and has the driver`s licence, that is Traffic regulations should know well.

fault Demensky recognised partially. The Sudogodsky district court has sentenced it to 2 years to 6 months of house arrest. It has appealed against sentence in regional court and has achieved its revision. As a result house arrest have replaced with the penalty at a rate of 7000 roubles.