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Victor Yanukovych has had an accident

on April, 21st early in the morning a train of the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has unexpectedly got to road accident. The head of the state went to the airport Borispol, whence the president departed on a meeting to Kharkov, but to a place and has not reached. Our staff reporter in Ukraine Oksana Bogdanova passes from a place of events on the radio air (97, 2 FM):

- it is valid, Yanukovych`s train has this morning had an accident. It is known that the car of first aid which went, according to journalists, after a train participated in collision. To it the taxi which became the road accident reason has towards left. The taxi driver was lost, except that, two persons have been injured, including the driver of first aid.

Yanukovych`s Train has faced with Fast . Is a victim

Representatives of the militia, which profits on a scene, assert that the ambulance car had no relation to Yanukovych`s train, though on a scene there were representatives of presidential administration and Yanukovych`s protection.

Just we managed to find out that first aid car all - taki appears behind structure at administration of the Ukrainian president though the fact of incident is amazing because Yanukovych`s journey on a city is accompanied by overlapping of street and the train goes by very high speed.