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Militiamen have detained « black kopatelja »

by Employees of Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on TSFO at 33 - the summer inhabitant of Voronezh it is withdrawn more than 3 ten minometnyh   mines of times of the Great Patriotic War. The man went in places of fighting battles which occurred during the Great Patriotic War in search of the buried weapon and spent excavation.
the found arsenal black kopatel sold. As a result, this weapon came into the hands of various representatives of criminal groups.

At first it was simple a hobby, and then has outgrown in a trade. Some years the man so earned on life. It already has a previous conviction under article withdrawal of ammunition .

But having served time, he has not thrown former hobby. One month ago field investigators of the Central board under the pretext of buyers have got at the man 3 minometnye mines. At once after the transaction the seller has been detained. Criminal case under article " is brought; Withdrawal of ammunition . The arrested person even have released for a while under a subscription about nevyezde.
but the scent of field investigators prompted that on it a point to put still early. Employees of the Central board have found out that the suspect has a hiding place in which is tens mines of the Second World War, already ready for sale.

Having spent a complex of search actions, field investigators have established a burial place site. Having connected employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and vzryvotehnikov, militiamen have found out a hiding place black kopatelja. In it it has appeared four metal boxes in which lay 39 minometnyh minute

All arsenal   it is directed for examination, but already now field investigators assert that quality of ammunition very good and they represented real threat to inhabitants of the central region of Russia.