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Most of all Volgograd graduates will pass the Unified State Examination in social science

Not so a lot of time remains before passing examinations. And eleventh-graders convulsively study textbooks. And most of all schoolboys are read by books on social science. According to committee of the Volgograd region by training, from the list of subjects for choice the most popular social science. Demands for Unified State Examination delivery have submitted 7501 persons. And the most unpopular examination - the French language, demands have arrived only from 28 persons.

- this year in Volgograd and area of 11600 eleventh-graders. For comparison last year graduates was 16354, - Dodin`s Hope, the expert of committee of administration of the Volgograd region by training speaks . - Russian and mathematics remain obligatory subjects, they are handed over by all schoolboys. Tendencies have not changed. And last year the social science, history and biology were the most popular subjects. And least handed over foreign languages: Spanish and French. Still schoolboys began to choose more safely subjects. This year much less those who hands over only obligatory Russian and to the mathematician.

we Will remind that if earlier entrants could submit results of testing of Unified State Examination to any high school of the country and wait, where good luck will smile to them. That now the government order each graduate should be limited to five high schools. Thus in everyone the entrant can choose no more than three specialities.

- These changes are necessary, because in high schools the mess has turned out, - Dodin`s Hope makes comments. - for example, the student has typed the necessary quantity of points, and him has gone to other high school on other speciality where too has passed. Transfer approximately in at one time. Places were not clear how much will be occupied, and how much remains free.      

  the Subject                               Number of demands

Russian                                         13 770

Mathematics                           13   347

Physics                                             3 489

Chemistry                                               1 554

Computer science                         971

Biology                                       3 544

History                                           3 533

Geography                                     830  

English                                 1 109

German                                       207

French                               28

Social science                 7 501

  the Literature                                   954