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Smoking politicians of the Swedish parliament want to expel on street

Smoking politicians from among Riksdag (parliament) can tyre out in a corner .

the Administration of Legislative Assembly of Sweden after the numerous complaints which have arrived from non-smoking members of parliament, considers a question on cleaning a smoking room existing now in department.

Operating a building of parliament Anders Forsberg in the electronic version of the parliamentary newspaper objects to so radical measures, asserting that it is necessary to consider interests and foreign visitors of Riksdag, and not to force smokers to go out of doors the big groups.

In the answer the member of parliament from party of preservation of the environment ( Green ) Ulf Holm has noticed that now in the country becomes more and more workplaces where smoking completely is forbidden.

Why the Riksdag should be an exception? An example for it is the EuroParliament building where the interdiction for smoking exists since 2007 - the politician considers, informs the Swedish radio.