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The head of the Smolensk region has taken part in Presidential Administration meeting

In number of participants of a meeting heads of the federal ministries and departments, and also heads of subjects of the Russian Federation have entered.

Ukraine is included into ten the largest foreign trade partners the Smolensk region among the world countries with which we carried out trading - economic cooperation in 2009, - governor Sergey Antufev in the performance has noted. -   about on occupies the second a place on foreign trade turnover and export volume and the seventh a place on import volume .

we Will remind that in December of last year has been created Associations trading - industrial chambers Pridneprovja into which enters also Smolensk TTP. The purpose of it was to make active trading - economic and socially - cultural cooperation of regions of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. This initiative has found support not only at a management Ukrainian TPP, but also at Trading - industrial chamber of the Russian Federation, the Ministries for Foreign Affairs of Russia and Ukraine.