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FK Siberia - in the Prime minister - League!

long and with all gravity prepared our football Siberia to a final match in this season. And though the rival had appeared FK Chita not shown in this season of impressing results, to Siberians was that to be afraid: the destiny depended on game exod steppe eagles that is why even the smallest error could lead to a failure. On a game there was a vacation package in the Prime minister - league to Chita it could dream only, and here FK Alanija had every chance to get there in our stead - at two commands there was an equal quantity of points, and as for Siberia and for Alanii the match was truly solving. And the rival Alanii this day was Krasnodar .

In accordance with the circumstances, a final Siberia and Chita Has passed not in Chita as it was planned initially. The amendment was brought by weather - the Chita stadium is not equipped by system of heating of a field, therefore game should be transferred. And where to transfer - have solved not at once. As variants named Tomsk, Novokuznetsk, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. But as a result the stadium " became a platform for game; an Uralmash in Ekaterinburg.

we Will remind that on a match to Ekaterinburg to support a favorite team have arrived about 300 Novosibirsk fans - specially for them Siberia has redeemed seven cars of a train! Yes what there fans, the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky has gone after the command. And as it was found out later - knowingly!

the whistle of the arbitrator, " has hardly sounded; Siberia has rushed in fight, having arranged the most powerful attack at Sinitsyn`s gate. And though all attempts to deduce novosibirtsev from a zone have not crowned by success, to make unknown impression upon rivals Chita all - taki could. The strongest blow in a goal mouth a head has put Tomash Left, however Andrey Sinitsyn from - under crossbeams has pulled out a ball. There and then on dobivanii the first there was Gennady Bliznjuk, but also with this blow the goalkeeper Chita marvellously Siberians, has consulted.

to Open the match bill has had the luck nevertheless Siberia . On 29 - oh to minute for roughness players of Novosibirsk have punished Chita a ball made from the penal. Dmitry Molosh became the hero of the first hammered ball. Afterwards opponents have conceived to requite the received goal, having made the way to Sergey Chepchugova`s collars, but have missed. Understanding all gravity of a situation, Siberia has intercepted a ball at the home team and during the same moment, having used nesobrannostju the rival, last minutes the first time the captain steppe eagles Alexey Medvedev has sent a ball in the left lower corner of gate of Sinitsyn. 2:0!

And at this time FK Alanija considerably conceded to Krasnodar on a result of the first sorokapjatiminutki the bill on a board was 1:3 Krasnodar, Krasnodar!!! - Novosibirsk fans in Ekaterinburg scanned, rejoicing to failure vladikavkaztsev And in a break over Uralmashem great song Queen " has begun to sound; We Are The Champions and it was clear to all, to whom it is devoted. Under its sounds Siberia left in the field.

have not reduced, and even have increased rate of game novosibirtsy in the second time. It is necessary to give due and to football players Chita which have not ceased to struggle for a ball, though for them this game of nothing the money changer. Despite it, Igor Kriushenko has made some replacements among football players of the command that has brought the updatings in game. And let long it was not possible to Siberians to create critical moments at Sinitsyn`s gate yet, that ending which they have shown, really expensive costs. When match time has practically expired, and remains hardly more minutes, Alexey Medvedev has pleased fans with one more goal. The double of the captain novosibirtsev has not left doubts in the one who the best bombardir the First battalion - for a season Medvedev has hammered in 18 balls!

the Judge has added 3 minutes, and here Alexander Degtyaryov has put a fat end in a match, having hammered in the fourth ball in game! Delight and unknown feeling of pleasure has visited fans Siberia . Shouts hurrah! embraces and congratulations - all it also was a sign of that our command has achieved enormous success! 4:0!

And at this time Alanija has at all lost hope for an exit in the Prime minister - League, having passed two more balls from football players Krasnodar 1:5.

Well, it is necessary to open only champagne and to tell: Long live the Prime minister - League! .

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