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Winter with AXIS. Actual tendencies of footwear

the Motto of this winter - a practicality and fashionable comfort. Practical and convenient models leave on the foreground. The main trend of a season - irreproachable quality of footwear, namely - quality of used materials and accessories. Considering any actual offers of a coming season, it is necessary to direct attention to three basic indicators of fashionable footwear - a style, a material and colour scale.


the Style

Botilony, boots and jack boots - three hits of a winter season. Botilony are pertinent with any clothes beginning from the made narrower trousers to smart dresses and a coat. Jack boots elegantly step from autumn at winter, forcing us to shorten skirts, preferring shorts or legginsam with knitted tunikami. Usual boots of this winter season are universal more than ever. Especially styles with wide tops which allow to transform them into a fashionable drapery in a combination to the made narrower jeans or trousers.

the Main thing that unites all without an exception of model of footwear in the coming winter, is convenient and practical heels. Square, trapezoid and rectangular, low and high, in colour of the footwear or contrasting with it, heels become solving addition of all design of model. And if to add to this important detail also an unostentatious decor as a result we receive the most important shoe trend of a season - practical elegance.


the Material

the Velvet, plush, thin and soft jersey, fleecy and dull surfaces of outer clothing demand changes and in a fashion on footwear. Therefore suede and veljurovye models of winter boots - botilony, jack boots, boots of average length move to the forefront, confirming our pressing forward to convenience, quality and elegant style.

Color scale

the colour Prospect in a winter season 2009/ 2010 pays our attention to natural shades. The footwear in brown and beige scale speaks not only about style and refined taste of the mistress, but also gives to its image classical elegance.

Grey and black - habitual colours of footwear of any winter season - do not concede the positions. Along with dark shades of dark blue and violet scale they predominate in shoe collections. Refined variations of colour - chocolate, cocoa, colour of cognac, red are actual. In traditional combinations to simple strict styles these colours become the present hits and win hearts of numerous women of fashion.


the Style, a material, colour what can be especial in footwear? A decor, freakish accessories, an intricate heel? Yes. But the most important thing are you. Each pair of footwear expects that charming mistress, on legs at which this pair will play all perfect worthiness. Only ourselves, successfully having thought over and having picked up all components of our individual image, we can become the best advertising of last fashionable tendencies by this cold, but such long-awaited winter.

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