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How not to spoil to itself the person in a beauty salon

So has developed that struggle for beauty of the person begins millions women in the spring and proceeds in the summer: it would be desirable to blossom together with the nature, to meet fully armed a beach season After all during holiday to the modern working woman easier to find hour or so - another on visitation of the cosmetician. Meanwhile, the period for, perhaps, most important and most demanded cosmetology procedures - a rejuvenation and skin bleaching - is necessary on osenne - the winter period. November and March - here unique suitable time for such manipulations with the person, as peelings, a mesotherapy, plastic correction and struggle against pigmentation. In any other season harmless procedures all these, apparently, can turn back rather unpleasant if not to tell serious, problems.

Youth return in the winter

- To us women with awful dark pigmentation more often come and ask to help them. It appears, by it did peelings or bleachings in the end of spring or in the summer! - the Hope tells. - but to cope with such serious consequences of substandard work it is possible only a mechanical peeling with diamond polishing which, by the way, should be made only in the specialised cosmetology centres under supervision of doctors, but in any way in usual beauty salons.
- than on a broader scale rejuvenation dangerously made at the wrong time?
- pigmentation Strengthening. That is that becomes, as a matter of fact, for struggle against her, turns around only problem aggravation. Certainly, to restore a skin it is possible, but judge for yourself: a leah everyone bishkekchanka in a status at once after such here the nonprofessional peeling, which in itself costs not too cheaply, to go to the centre and to lay out some more thousand on position rescue? Frequently victims Go to usual salon, there for some time like would get rid of stains, but not for a long time. So precious time leaves, and with inveterate pigmentation to struggle in times more difficult.
- It turns out, the campaign to the cosmetician is too risk? Not everyone after all will refuse to do to the client expensive procedure only because not a season
- It is just necessary to find the the cosmetician - checked up. Which will always advise to you, as well as that it is better to do, and with what it is necessary to wait. But also most too it is necessary to remember some moments. About the same seasonal prevalence of procedures, about that, for example, that many things are done only by doctors including a deep peeling, about that to each client there should be an individual approach and that is impossible for all who suffers affliction, for example, ugrevoj a rash, to do the same mask. So individually that it is impossible even to differentiate all accurately: At such - that to a problem do only it, and at such - that only that. It is impossible to forget also that, visiting salonnye procedures, it is necessary to follow as much as possible to advice of the cosmetician at home, to provide to a skin correct leaving, to exclude for the period of a course of procedures from a diet some products. Only at such serious relation it is possible to count that the effect from procedure will be long and will really make you outwardly more youngly.
than to rejuvenate?

Freckles to sozhalenieju are invincible

- What on a broader scale ways of a rejuvenation exist? What of them the most universal?
- Universal is not present. The choice of this or that method depends on many reasons - from the problem, from age of the client, from type and features of its skin. On a broader scale, it is possible to rejuvenate both a peeling, and a mesotherapy, and a planimetric plasticity. The most cardinal methods - plastic surgery and implantation of gold threads. But if in Bishkek it is possible to make a plasticity, about gold threads at us I yet did not hear. It is very expensive and difficult - thin threads are entered into muscles from gold of strictly 999 tests. They create as though a skeleton, without allowing to droop a skin. But this procedure helps only in 30 - 35 years while the skin still saves the tone. As to peelings them there are many versions. Besides, that the peeling can be superficial, median or deep, it still happens chemical, natural, fermental, retinolovym, gljukolevym, arbutinovym or mechanical, that is to equipment rooms, such as, for example, mikrodermabrazija. But without dependence from that, how to you made otshelushivanie, you should use houses recycling night cream, and is better, that to you it was picked up by the cosmetician.
- a leah it is possible to do without all these procedures?
- On a broader scale - that to scorn services of cosmetology salons, especially after 30 years, it is not necessary. But, certainly, it is possible to reduce the problems to a minimum. The first and the most important for us, inhabitants of the high-mountainous country - is constant, all year long to use sun-protection means. By the way, for Kyrgyzstan are optimum high, very high or ultrahigh degree of protection. And do not forget - the ultraviolet is capable to do to a skin harm even through glass of the car or an office window! It is important to remember that it is necessary to observe some rules in the summer: not to use at all creams with vitamin A, spirit losonami, not to abuse tea, coffee, tinctures of a calendula and zveroboja. Very accurately it is necessary to be converted with a gentle skin: not to hurt its srub, not to injure a towel. And here to struggle with the pigmentary stains which reason - in an organism, it is necessary to begin malfunctions not at the cosmetician, and at the doctor. In salon you on a broader scale first of all should ask, a leah is perfectly in order at you a liver, kidneys, a gall bladder and other, and then to struggle with pigmentary stains. By the way, this struggle is better be not to beginning during pregnancy, reception of hormonal or diuretic preparations, and also antibiotics as in this case it practically will not give effect.

Freckles - are invincible!

to Struggle with display of solar love spending thousand catfishes for everyones a miracle - means - it is useless!
- a maximum that is possible - absolutely a little bit to clarify freckles. But to deduce them completely - it is impossible! - the cosmetician speaks. - The matter is that these specks - are caused genetically, and no bleaching will cope with a problem completely. To distinguish freckles from usual pigmentation - it is simple: they appear at the child in 4 years and accompany its all life.


IT become important
hormonal cosmetics so popular now can your enemy!
- At its constant use the skin ceases to develop fotoestragenty - so-called beauty hormones which at women are developed years to 30 - 35, - Krasnov`s Hope tells. - if to stop this process, the skin will start to wither earlier, that is the hormonal cosmetics becomes some kind of a drug - on it you sit down . Such a cream till 35 years the cosmetician - and that should appoint a course only to cope with any concrete problem.

Pick up to itself SPF
For inhabitants of highlands, such as Kyrgyzstan, it is necessary to use sun-protection cosmetics with the high factor.
high: SPF 15, 20, 25
very high: SPF 30, 40, 50
Ultrahigh (in mounts, on Issyk - the Sack): SPF 60 - 90

it is important!

do not go At all on a peeling and other similar procedures if on your skin there are inflammatory processes or you are subject to allergic reactions.

the Peeling at problems with a skin is counter-indicative