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What for on show Give we will get married! give apartments?

studio Give we will get married! reminds a cosy court yard - the walls twined an ivy, shod metal borders, on small benches young ladies are whispered, exchanging winks with guys sitting on the next shop. And in the centre - a huge table behind which the floor - " now will gather; a court yard to discuss supposedly at us the goods - at you a merchant... And give - ka them we will marry!

Thanks to the project of two pairs have already played weddings (all them it was formed on show about one and a half hundreds), some tens former participants keep in touch, someone even has moved to a half found in this most a court yard .

House cosy conditions founders of the project which has received in this year TEFI, thought over more than two months. To television measures it very long.

In appearance the simple landscape has occupied rather big area - more than two thousand square metres. In all complex Ostankino only two studios are capable to contain such huge scenery.

1 - the big table

Its presence was the basic condition for set dressers. All - taki courtship should pass behind the big table. But the main complexity also consisted in it - that. To look at a long wooden surface of a table almost whole hour not each spectator will be delighted. Therefore it was necessary to think over distracting maneuvers that the eye on a picture all - taki had a rest. And there were nice zanavesochki at windows, pots with an artificial geranium and other bright details of studio.

2 - candid cameras

- And here from these artificial flowers, for example, what advantage? - You ask, looking at the walls twined a blossoming ivy.

And from these colours very big advantage! They cover holes on wall-paper literally. In plywood walls of studio small square windows are cut. And in them omnipresent objectives of chambers look. Them have specially hidden in torture chambers that visitors sitting at a table felt cosier. In studio two chambers for shootings of general plans and the surprises have left only, which participants present each other.

3 - apartments

Founders of show could not think up in any way where applicants for a hand and heart of the protagonist or the heroine of release will reside. Initially reflected that they together with svatjami will sit in auditorium. Then founders of the program have decided that it as - that is ugly, when the bride or the groom discusses with leaders of the program actress Larissa Guzeevoj, matchmaker Rozoj Sjabitovoj and astrologist Vasilisoj Volodinoj of other participants directly at them. Then three apartments for applicants have been thought up. In apartments they look shooting from the screen, can discuss those or other situations, but psychologically feel much more free.

4 - Paradise garden

From here the main visitor of the program leaves in studio and here goes together with the elect or the darling. A place have nicknamed a paradise garden from - for beautiful specially illuminated a landscape which is seen behind collars.

Amazing beauty a garden, of course, simply a back (so in film language name a picture similar to photowall-paper, being on a background). And here gate in studio the presents, shod. However, who opens in their magic image in the beginning and in the end of transfer, founders of show keep a secret. Most likely, it is any artful mechanism, as specially employed janitors by us in studio it has not been noticed.

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